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Lake County & Northshore General Contractor

If you are looking to renovate your home to make it your own, increase its value or need poor construction redone, call Mike. His work will stand the test of time.

Quality Services

Home Additions

Modern Open Concept Rooms

Porcelain, Marble and Glass Tiling

Growing up in a family increasingly active in the design field, Michael has grown up learning the growth and development in the field of remodeling and the art of transforming a clients idea into a reality. He has become a skilled professional in construction homes into a place families want to spend time in and enjoy. At many points, a client might not have the exact vision they are looking to request just yet, this is where Michael takes the time and commitment, to really understanding the mind set of his clients. With attention to detail and customization, Michael works hard to construct and produce the perfect new space for each individual customer. Many clients enjoy referring Michael, to loved ones, and this is something that speaks greatly in the trade.

We have highly skilled contractors waiting to work with you. We finish projects promptly and within budget, and we’ll communicate openly with you throughout the process. We’ll do everything we can to make this a positive experience for you, including:

  • Coordinating all aspects of the project for seamless services
  • Using high-quality materials
  • Offering cost-effective solutions to the challenges that may arise

If it’s time to make some changes around your property, then see what our home remodeler can do for you. We’re proud to travel throughout the Greater Lake County area, so call us today for your on-site consultation. We have the tools and skills necessary to create an amazing home that you’re sure to love, so let JML Remodeling handle all of your renovations.

Home Remodel

If you’re tired of struggling with an inefficient space or a dated look, then invest in home remodeling services in Lake County. You can rely on the skilled professionals at JML Remodeling Grayslake for excellent work and prompt project completion. We’ll bring your dream home to life so that you can enjoy your living space more and take pride in your property

Kitchen Remodel

Do you love to cook? Do you simply want to update your kitchen to increase the overall value of your home? No matter your motivation for wanting to redo your kitchen, we’ve got options for you.

Bath Remodel

Is your bathroom outdated? Is it full of old, dingy tiles and chipped or cracked fixtures? You use your bathroom on a regular basis, so if your current space isn’t serving your functional or aesthetic needs, it’s time to consider investing in renovations. And if you’re looking for a dedicated team to handle the job, turn to JML Remodeling.

HEPA Is What Separates Use

At JML Remodeling we use BuildClean HEPA filtration systems during our remodeling projects.  This innovative dust control system minimizes the migration of dust thought your home, giving you a exceptional experience.


BuildClean is different from the usual dust barriers. This innovative dust control system eliminates 90% of airborne dust*, providing a healthy, clean environment while keeping cleaning costs low.


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