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Lake County & Northshore General Contractor

If you are looking to renovate your home to make it your own, increase its value or need poor construction redone, call Mike. His work will stand the test of time.

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Porcelain, Marble and Glass Tiling

As long as we are living, we are subject to change.  We are constantly changing, adapting and evolving on our journey through life to our highest potential.  Even then, we are still faced with change.  JML Remodeling is in the business of change.  We design, build and modify residential spaces to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.  We work with homeowners to identify these needs, formulate a vision, and transform their dream home into a reality.  Our skilled craftsmen use quality materials, cutting-edge tools and techniques consistent with modern advancements in construction. JML’s innovative design team and project management is led by Mike Rohrer.  Mike works closely with a trusted network of professionals whose mission is to give in order to gain.  This philosophy is the foundation of JML Remodeling (no pun intended), and the customer is the key to our success.  As such, we guarantee the highest standard of care in every phase of your project.  When your home needs to change with the course of your life, JML Remodeling will be there with you.

Home Remodel

If you’re tired of struggling with an inefficient space or a dated look, then invest in home remodeling services in Lake County. You can rely on the skilled professionals at JML Remodeling Grayslake for excellent work and prompt project completion. We’ll bring your dream home to life so that you can enjoy your living space more and take pride in your property

Kitchen Remodel

Do you love to cook? Do you simply want to update your kitchen to increase the overall value of your home? No matter your motivation for wanting to redo your kitchen, we’ve got options for you.

Bath Remodel

Is your bathroom outdated? Is it full of old, dingy tiles and chipped or cracked fixtures? You use your bathroom on a regular basis, so if your current space isn’t serving your functional or aesthetic needs, it’s time to consider investing in renovations. And if you’re looking for a dedicated team to handle the job, turn to JML Remodeling.

HEPA Is What Separates Us

At JML Remodeling we use BuildClean HEPA filtration systems during our remodeling projects.  This innovative dust control system minimizes the migration of dust thought your home, giving you a exceptional experience.


BuildClean is different from the usual dust barriers. This innovative dust control system eliminates 90% of airborne dust*, providing a healthy, clean environment while keeping cleaning costs low.


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